3 Ways for Losing Weight I

Losing weight has 3 components: eating right, exercising, and weight loss supplements. The first of the three basic tips to lose weight fast is looking at what you eat.

1) Eating right:
 To eat less you should start eating less at a slow pace, after a week you can already see that you can fit less in your stomach, you will feel better and you will feel full with less food. You should use more herbs on your food, that will make you full quicker.

2) Exercising :
The second tip of the three tips to lose weight fast is exercise. While eating right prevents you from ingesting too much calories, exercise helps your body burn calories and makes you feel healthier. After all you are doing what your body was made for: moving and not sitting at home watching tv and eating chips. Achieving fast weight loss with exercise is a myth if you are expecting to lose weight in a week. Although it is not a miracle there are no miracle tips to lose weight.

3) Weight loss Supplement
The last tip of the tips to lose weight fast is to use supplements. There are many good supplements to help you loose weight but if you want to lose weight fast then the best supplement is a colon cleanse supplement the so called colon cleanser. This will help you get 4 to 8 pounds of waste from your colon and intestines and it will make you fell much better. This will give you motivation to continue with you other weigh loss challenges.

Strength Training for Women : Top 5 Tips

1. Never ignore the warm up session: Do through stretches; it will prepare your body for workout. It is important to do this as it will prevent exercise injuries in future.

2. Watch your breath: While working out, give extra attention to your breath. Doing this is very important as it gives you maximum benefit from your workout.

3. Exercise smoothly: Never do strength-training with jerks. Your exercises should be very uniform and smooth. Also remember to take rest between two different exercises.

4. Do not overdo it: Always take weight which you can handle comfortably. It is good to push yourself to point of fatigue but make sure you don't overstress yourself.

5. Increase gradually: Once you reach level of comfort and are able to do all your repetitions smoothly, you can increase the weights by 3-5 pounds.