Home Tips to Loose Weight

Easy Home Tips for Losing Weight:

* High intake of fruits and vegetables, preferably roughage
* Too much intake of salt may bring in one more cause of obesity.
* Milk products being rich in fats are the reason behind increase in weight, so should be avoided
* Mint generally helps a lot in losing weight, mint chutney or tea can be proved worth taking.
* Spices such as dry ginger, cinnamon, black pepper etc. are beneficial in loosing weight.
* Avoid high carbohydrate diet like rice, potato etc.
* Vegetables like Karela are bitter but at the same time are very useful for reducing weight.
* Honey helps in utilizing extra fat in the body and so how helps in reducing saturated fats.

One can have following in the regular intervals in a particular day.
* Cabbage either raw or cooked act as roughage and helps in reducing fat.
* Exercises or more of physical activities like running, swimming etc. and even household work
are suggested to be done in a day.
* Water should be taken in rich amount, suggested 8-10 glasses per day.
* Lower size food plates are suggested to be there on your dining table.
* Salads should be a part of your meal.
* Switch to easy drinks like tea, coffee instead of heavy shakes etc.
* Prefer having light breakfast with juices.
* Better to have a walk immediately after having meal, could be lunch or dinner.
* Alcohol intake should be reduced in order to avoid this ailment and even other all problems connected to these.


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