How Food and Exercise Affect Metabolism I

Probalbly you have heard so many plans, programs, tips, tricks, exercises about weight loss that you are left wondering which tips and tricks are really best among them. Let's look at how food and exercise affect metabolism and weight loss to help us understand why some of these tips work and why others do not.

Lately there has been a lot of publicity about the low carbohydrate diet, which claims that people are losing weight and getting healthier without paying attention to the amount of fat they are eating. You may have even heard that the USDA is looking at changing the food pyramid.

You have likely also heard about the low fat diet plan. There is a major flaw in the low fat diet and scientists are finally being forced to admit it. Very little of your blood cholesterol comes from diet. Your body manufactures most of your cholesterol from carbohydrates. The culprit of turning these carbohydrates into fat is insulin.




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