The 5 Principles of Balanced Diet I

Balance food choice and moderation, here are the foundations of the balanced approach. Zoom in on our 5 key principles:

1 - With the balanced approach you eat less but better! It allows flexibility to lose weight by eating heartily, but also better and more healthily:
balance without the obsession, it is unnecessary to counting calories!

2 - Respecting balanced diet, this method can be adopted long term and is fully compatible with family and social life because you can eat everything!

3 - It emphasizes foods rich in protein (fish, poultry, low fat meat, eggs, yogurt and white cheese) and vegetables (and all will!) But also fruit and, in its classical version called the starches.

4 - For cons, the fat is to limit carbohydrates and tolerated quantity measured.
The weight loss will be faster if it severely restricts carbohydrates.
There is no risk to health level or form, because the body receives the full range of nutrients (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) needed.

5 - The diet comes in 2 forms: classical version and "TGV (high speed).
Their difference is the presence or not, of bread and starches (carbohydrates) in the diet.
While you lose weight more slowly with balanced conventional method, but it "takes" longer without feeling to follow a binding regime.

If appropriate:
- Want to lose weight healthily and steadily,
- You want to keep freedom in the choice of food
- You want a system compatible with family life.

Not recommended:
- You're the kind of "all or nothing"
- You are unable to moderate quantities.

inspired by : Desidieter.Com


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