Saturated Fats Interfere With The Brain Controls Appetite I

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The fatty foods reach the brain and trigger messages that counteract those of hormones that suppress appetite. This effect can last several days, sabotaging efforts to return to a healthy diet, according to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Saturated fats lead a resistance to insulin and leptin (brain hormone that suppresses hunger) which prevents the message of satiety, which leads to overeating, says Dr. Deborah Clegg of UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, USA), who led the study.

Mice received the same amount of calories in one of three types of fat: fat palmitic acid (a saturated fatty acid), a fatty acid mono-unsaturated or unsaturated oleic acid which is found especially in the olive oil.

The greatest effect on leptin and insulin was caused by palmitic acid. The latter is particularly palm oil, meat, butter, cheese and milk. It is often used in food (biscuits, cakes, margarine). Unsaturated oleic acid did not produce this effect. Unsaturated oleic acid did not produce this effect.


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