Weight Loss: where to Start?

Again, you're going to lose weight. You have several times in the past taken drastic measures to lose weight (on a diet, exercises intensive) that you have returned once again a regular habit? Or rather you have failed to take actions that produce results?

What works for sustained weight loss is the adoption of eating and physical activity that can be maintained long term.
Successfully integrate the recommendations of experts for a healthy life is a good starting point:
  • 30 minutes of moderate exercise (equivalent to walking at a brisk pace) per day
  • 5 fruits and vegetables per day
  • Reduce fats and sugars
  • Increase the fibers (which contribute to satiety)
Decide concrete actions by which you want to start by examples:
  • Walk 3 times 10 minutes per day
  • Buy those lower in fat (eg cheese)
  • Read the labels of some foods to choose lower fat, less sugar
  • Cook yourself some food to control the proportions of fat (and quality) and sugar
  • Better informed on the daily calorie needs and calories of each food, etc..
To lose weight, according to the results obtained in the balance following the changes made, please continue with the adoption of new habits, for example:
  • Add 15 minutes of daily exercise or a special activity once or twice a week
  • Continue to improve your balanced diet by providing healthy snacks and your lunch to work,
  • Always be available to the salad already prepared
  • Add a healthy regular repertoire,
  • Counting calories taken in one day using a food diary, ...
Since these habits to maintain long-term goal is to find physical activity and dietary changes that you like.

The autosupervision tool for weight loss can help choose the next action for weight loss and to monitor the process.


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