How to succeed in Losing weight: Seven strategies to facilitate Success of Dieting

Here are seven strategies suggested by experts that facilitate the success of a diet, whether a particular regime or simply a balanced diet with reduced calories :

Do not put your diet plan at stake of will power
Depending on just will power, will be detrimental to the achievement of objectives of Diet plan, according to Martha Beck, author and lecturer. When a person is rested, relaxed and enjoying life, one can easily counter the thoughts and desires. But when one is under stress, irritation or pressed to resist the temptation, it is much more difficult.
Preferably set a goal to develop an awareness of the food consumed without making it an obsession.

Environment as facilitator

Andrea N. Giancoli, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommends avoiding home foods that go against your goals of weight loss. It's easier to resist temptation when unhealthy choices are not available. For example, suggested she, remove all food cupboards whose packaging says "partially hydrogenated oils" as an ingredient. Getting rid of sodas or other drinks containing sugar or fructose.

Develop a support network
Studies have shown that the social network is crucial, reports Bess Marcus, health psychologist at Brown University.
Researchers in sports medicine from Indiana University showed that training with a the best predictor of persistence. Engaging in a sports team brings an even greater motivation.

Set realistic goals
If you've been inactive for months or years, does not immediately plan to train you every day, Marcus suggests. Aim some strategic changes are easy enough to be certain of success. Example, taking half the amount of food (which one occasionally takes between meals)

Reduce portions
Regarding the size of portions, it is important to take into account the caloric density of food. Double portion of broccoli from a cup to 2 cups, and 31 to 62 calories is less than when a double portion of a cup of ice cream, from 300 to 600 calories is very disadvantageous.

View success and its consequences
Let your mind explore where your plan weight loss will lead you, advises Steven Gurgevich University of Arizona, coauthor of The Self-Hypnosis Diet. Visualize how you would like to be in six months or a year, how you would like to be your life. Creating a positive frame of mind is important, he said.

Remove the old habits
Take means to fight against the tendency to repeat patterns, suggests MJ Ryan, author. To leave notes at various locations in to remember your intentions, plan alternatives, change some settings.


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