Weight Loss: the Importance of Food in Sight and Quickly Prepared I

Have the sight and reach of healthy foods prepared quickly and can make a significant difference for anyone who wants lose weight. This leads to overeating is not especially hungry or tasty food, according to Brian Wansink, author of "Mindless Eating (Eating without thinking), but the visibility and easy accessibility of food or convenience.

For example, in one study, he placed candy jars of chocolate in the cubicles of office workers. A few days later, he removed the candy six feet. The mere fact that the chocolates were brought closer, on average, to eat five a day. This represented 124 calories per day or 5.5 kilos per year.

"When food is very visible, every time we see, we must make a decision. Do I want to eat or not? We can say 'no' 27 times. But at the 28 th time or the 29 th, we can begin to say 'maybe'. And at the 30 th, 31 th, say 'why not, I'm hungry,' "says Wansink.

"The facility has a similar effect. If it's easy and there is nothing to stop us, we continue until something tells us to stop."

An example of this idea is illustrated by the following experiment. Wansink divided a group of 150 participants in 3 sub-groups, giving them either a box of chips with every 7 th roots were stained red, a box where every 14 th roots were stained red, a box without colored chips.

Participants who received a box without colored chips ate on average 23 chips, those with a box with the 14th roots colored chips ate 15 and those with a box with the 7th roots colored chips ate 10.

The red chips provided what Wansink calls a "break point", an interruption that causes the person to ask if she wants to eat more.

For this reason, he says, containers of chips or cookies at 100 calories help 70% of people eat less. When they finished container, they pause and wonder if they still want.

His studies show that people eat more when:
  • Serving dishes on the table;
  • They eat straight from the bag or cardboard;
  • They eat a large plate or large container;
  • They eat while watching TV, car or with friends (because their minds are occupied, preventing wonder if they continue to eat).
"What really influences what we eat, what are the visibility and ease." So advises there to help control weight, it is helping to keep healthy food within reach.

"We want something that's easy. If fruits and vegetables are in sight and scope, there is much more likely that we took that cake wrapped in the freezer."

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